Monday, 6 October 2014

Grotesque / Wraithguard Conversion [update]

I have been busy at work since the new Dark Eldar codex release working on some new horrors to inflict upon my opponents.  Here's an update on how my Grotesque / Wraithguard conversions are going.

Quad Machine from the Quake 2 Soundtrack provides a perfect accompaniment to painting Grotesques. 

I now have 5 fully assembled, one fully painted and two who are a WIP

The best thing about this photo is the Wicket W Warrick mug in the background...

I have been using some of the tips from the Raiders of Commorragh painting guide that came with my new Archon edition.  The book is well worth the investment if you're interested in the painting side of things and contains some ideas for special characters. 

An Abberation with an agoniser is now a pretty gruesome concept (rerolling to wound at AP3 against most marines). I have also been toying with the idea of fielding a Grotesquerie formation from the Covens supplement. This throws a few nice buffs their way.

Add in a Chronos and you have 4+ FNP Grots who reroll all 1s when making their FNP throws.  If you wanted to be even more disgusting you could throw in a Spiritseer and roll on Runes of Battle. Worse case scenario you get some shrouded Grots; best case perhaps +1 S? This would make them fearsome vehicle smashers.

How are you planning to use Grotesques in the new edition?

If anyone wants details on how to make / paint up these models, drop me a private message. 



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