Saturday, 27 September 2014

Dark Eldar Rumour Summary + new info!

After ordering my Archon edition last night I thought I'd pull together all the rumours into one place so we can see how accurate they have been once the 'dex is released.

Green means it is likely to be true
Orange means I'm sitting on the fence
Red means it's dubious at best


Pain token changes to DE: this has been confirmed by White Dwarf #35

Changes to combat drugs: I'd imagine this is true as it would fit with the overall simplification of rules we have seen.  1+ to each of the attributes has been rumoured.  +1 toughness would be very nice indeed! t5 Reavers... Also s5 Hellions is always a positive.  Especially when furious charge (if still included in PfP would make them s6 vehicle hunters).


New Archon Model: all but confirmed by WD 35 during the battle rep.

New Succubus Model: The best image of this has come from the previews of the enhanced codex on Apple's iTunes store. 

No Vect/Duke/Lady Malys/Baron in the Codex: This looks very likely judging from another screen shot of the enhanced codex.  Interestingly it also doesn't display a slot for LoW.  All we have listed here are the characters which already have models (Lelith, Drazhar and Urien).

However, see this week's WD for a mention of Vect in the codex description.

This points to Vect being a later release.  My money would be on him appearing as part of a Campaign (I have seen unconfirmed rumours of a DE v BA box approaching).  These would also tally with the false rumours of DE being part of the new DV boxset.  This also means that....

Vect is a week 3 release: this now looks false according to the above image.

Lelith and Drazhar have rampage: yet to see anything confirming this.  It doesn't seem ridiculous though.


Void Mine is now a 5" Blast: again this looks to have been confirmed in today's WD.  It's hard to imagine anything other than a large blast doing this.

Raiders + Ravagers have Deep Strike: this has been posted inter alia on Faiet 212.  I've soured the photos and haven't seen any confirmation of this.

Flickerfields only for Venoms: again, no confirmation of this anywhere.  Iff the rumour about night shields granting stealth is true, this may hold some more credence.

Razorwings moved to Fast Attack: the only source I can find ton this to confirm the anonymous post on Faiet 212 comes from the Batrep in WD.

Here we have a detachment 'Kabal of the Poisoned Tongue' fielding 3 Void Ravens and 1 Razorwing.  This points to one of two possible (actually three) things.  The first is that the VR can be taken in squadrons, the second is that the RW is now fast attack.  The third is that this is an unbound army.  Included for completeness is the Guard army they faced.

To me this looks like a battle-forged list.  Of course it could be that DE are playing unbound against them, however given that both armies are split up into 'detachments' of sorts, this seems unlikely.  See also the related rumour below (Beast Squads).

Fast Attack

Beast Squads now have a minimum of 12 models: in the list given above a slightly odd beast pack of 3 beastmasters and 4 khymerae are fielded.  Unbound or bound this points to this rumour being false as even in unbound lists basic squad requirements remain intact.  The only counter to this is that WD sometimes use illegal combinations in their lists.

Hellions have been reduced by 3 points per model: In the images for the datacards included with the Archon & Dracon codex sets the Hellions datacard shows a squad cost of 65 points in the corner.  Given a minimum squad size of 5, this points to 13 points.  A 3 man squad comes out at a non-integer with this points cost.  Of course the minimum could (unlikely) be more than 5, but this would just represent more of a points dip.  I haven't seen this posted anywhere else.


Mandrakes reduced in points cost, gain stealth and shrouded, lose their invun and can baleblast as standard: I haven't seen this supported by any evidence and it smacks somewhat of wishlisting.  It's still a possibility though.

That's all for now... if you'd like me to look into any other rumour let me know in the comments!




  1. Can you find any confirmation of blade vanes being changed to improved hammer of wrath, and also if witches and true born still get gaywire grenade upgrade

  2. Hi Daniel. I'll have a look into it and get back to you. I suspect there is nothing concrete out there. I am getting my 'dex and the supplement on Saturday morning so I will post a long update thread then too.


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