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Coven Supplement Formations

[EDIT] I have now placed information on the new Coven formations below.  See comments for questions.  Any queries pop them in the comments. [/EDIT]

Like Ronseal... exactly what is says on the tin.

Post any questions in the comments below and I will get back to you asap.

However I am unable to answer the most obvious question (i.e. why did I spend £150 of my hard earned cash on 3 books...)


Does Urien get any special detachments?

Coven Coterie Detachment 
Raider (DT)
Venon (DT)

from the above select a min of 2HQ and 2 Elites

Lets you reroll warlord traits
Enemy units within 12" suffer -1 LD

Below are formations

2x Grots

After warlord traits roll on the following table  All units of Grots gain the corresponding result:

1 +1 Strength
2 +1 T
3 Fleet
4 Shred
5 Rage
6 FnP 4+

Scarlet Epicureans
2x Wracks

All Wracks have precision strike (if within 12" of Haemi)
PfP is one turn higher.  Cumulative with other boosts.

Haemi automatically has master Epicurean warlord trait: (if WL is slain by a AP2/1 weapon gain D3 victory points)

Scalpel Squadron
2x Wracks
2x Venoms

If unit from formation gets first blood - D3 VP
All wracks start on venoms and begin in reserve.  They must DS in turn 1 by Deepstrike.

Corpsethief Claw
1x Talos unit (of 5 models)

Every time a unit from this formation destroys an enemy non-vehicle unit in CC gain 1 VP.  In missions where players earn VP for completely destroying enemy units controlling pkayer gains 1 additional VP every time the above conditions are met.

Talos also gain Scout.

Dark Artisan
1 Haemi
1 Talos
1 Cronos

All units must be fielded as a single unit (although this is not usually allowed).  Models with the IC rule cannot join this unit.

Formation's Talos / Cronos add 1 to their WS

If Haemi is your warlord, his trait is all talos / cronos with 12" reroll FnP rolls of 1.

This is ASKING to have a WWP thrown in...

Coventine Fleshcorp

1 Haemi
3x Wracks
3x Raiders

Master of pain rule (+1 to PfP) affects all units in formation, not just those within 12"

Warlord + wracks he is in unit with have FnP 4+

Carnival of Pain
1x of all the above

As long as Urient / Haemon from Grot formation is alive, PfP +1 turn for all units.
All non-vehicle models reroll to wound rolls of 1 in combat.


  1. Does Urien get any good formations in the supplement?

    1. will get back to you asap tomorrow morning!

  2. Thanks for this. How does the Covens book look for viable builds? Which units does it favour with boosts?

    1. See above Paul. Looks very viable to me. Especially the 1 Haemi + 1 Cronos + 1 Talos in a UNIT detachment. Throw in a WWP and cause havoc!

    2. That wasmy first thought but they can't deep strike even with a WWP. None of the units have the ability to and the WWP doesn't add it.

    3. Hi Steven,

      The book says the Haemi can't take any artefacts of cruelty from the main 'dex, but the WWP is listed on his page (& is Arcane wargear). This will allow you to Deepstrike a Talos & Cronos without scattering...

  3. Thanks for the Q&A!

    I have a question about formation #5 (Haemy + Talos + Cronos): it's 1 Talos / 1 Chronos UNIT or MODEL ?
    I guess we could buy upgrades for said Talos / Cronos (and Haemy) but one of the thing you could buy is more bodies so ..

  4. Can I take more that one talos/chronos in the dark artisan squad? So, for example, 2 talos, 1 chronos and a haemie?

    Thanks for your time, these formations look evil!

  5. Just one Talos & one Cronos.


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