Thursday, 2 October 2014

Coven Supplement Rumours

Starting to hear some whispers about the new Coven Supplement. The below is taken from and should be seen only as a rumour at present.
I will be providing a full update to this on Saturday morning when I pick up my copy of the Supplement.

"From a 100% reliable source wishing to remain anonymous (confirmed by pics):
COVEN Supplement
Power from pain - by turn number.
1 – nothing
2 – Fearless
3 – Fear, Fearless
4 – Fear, Fearless, it will not die
5 – Fear, It will not die, zealot
6+ - Eternal Warrior, fear, it will not die, zealot

This is a straight copy from the book - yes some of the powers are omitted on purpose as they are not listed in the chart every turn

Warlord chart 1 – talos & chronos reroll FNP rolls of 1 within 12”of warlord
2 – warlord plus any grotesques he joins gain it will not die
3 – add or subtract 1 from reserve rolls
4 – If your warlord is slain by an attack/weapon with AP 1 or 2 or with the ID rule, gain D3 VP
5 – Warlord plus wracks he joins gain FNP4+
6 – Warlord gains preferred enemy

Artifacts 10pts – pick one of the following at the start of your turn which lasts until your next turn – IWND, fleet, poisoned 4+, rampage (used each turn)
10pts – fighting in a challenge – opponent suffers -5 to initiative
25pts – 8”range, S1, AP2, assault 1, blast, instant death, no effect on vehicles (used as a grenade in shooting phase)
10pts – Additional D6 attacks at S3, AP- at initiative 10, grant an additional pile in move at this step, no bonus applicable for furious charge, rending etc
20pts – IWND 4+, only wounded by poisons special rule on 6
35pts - +1 to FNP rolls, negate first wound suffered if it has the ID rule but when this happens, the item is lost

Coven Detachment Required – 2HQ, 2 Elite
Optional – 4HQ, 6 Elite, 4 Heavy Support
Units that are available in the detachment – Urien, Haemonculus, Raider (DT only), Venom (DT only), Wracks, grotesques, talos, chronos

Benefits – if this is the primary detachment you can reroll warlord chart from this book. All enemy units within 12”of 1 or more models from this detachment suffer -1LD

7(!!!) formations as well!"

If the above is true I will certainly be taking a primary Coven and combining it with another Combined Arms detachment to benefit from the Archon's leadership penalties too.  Getting enemy units down to low LD levels and then pinning them may even make a Wych charge viable.

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  1. I hate when fools dont post the formations, we need to flay them and then pee on the screaming faces.

    1. I get the book tomorrow at 10am and will do an update as soon as I have it.

      I don't agree with the flaying or peeing I'm afraid. I

    2. They posted the formations ... That's one of the reasons why one must always cite the source of his "rumors" : It's from The Dark City news & romors forum :


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