Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Grotesque / Wraithguard Conversion

In anticipation for the new Archon/Succubus models being released I began work today on an escort for them to drop down with the WWP.  I wanted to keep my options open, so I've gone for a Grotesque/Wraithguard unit.

Deepstriking D-Scythes would be lovely, however, I would like the flexibility to use them as Grots as well (especially given the rumours I am seeing about them).  

The head comes from the Talos/Cronos kit, as does his arm and the probes sticking out from his neck. 

I took the end of a Shardcarbine and fitted it on to the D-Cannon he came with to make it look like a more natural one-handed weapon.  

The back of his head I filled in with liquid green stuff and the magazines surrounding his gun come from the Talos' chain flails.  I may well sand them down a bit and paint them up as liquid containers. 

The model has a great powerful / ancient feel to it which should complement the scrawny DE Lord very well (and give him an average toughness of 5/6 depending on how I run them).  Throw in a spiritseer with protect and boom! T6 S5 Terminators with AP2 flamers dropping with precision into enemy lines...

How should I paint these up? Any criticism / comments are welcome!


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