Wednesday, 1 October 2014

News from the Codex: [Confirmed]


So, a bright young chap on the Dark City has his copy of the book and has answered a few questions users had.  The original thread can be found here.  The ever zealous moderators have confirmed with photos that he has the sacred text itself...


Here is a summary of his findings:  (I have put big buffs in bold)

  • Cronos & Talos are 1-3 in a unit (but can't mix)
  • Kabalites are now 8pts.  PGL gives soulblight.  This means they have no way to get defensive grades.  Weapons etc. remain the same
  • Razorwwing is 130 points and can only take nightshields.  It is a fast attack choice & Dark Lances cost 5 more than Dissies.  No vector dancer.
  • Agoniser is AP 3 poison (+4) - This is a HUGE buff!
  • Arena champions may only take power swords / agonisers as power weapons.
  • Wyches have 1 attack base.
  • Klaivex powers are gone.
  • Ravagers still AV11, but no Aerial Assault
  • Haemonculus Ancient is in (ie replaces old Haemonculus).
  • 1 formation in the book (grants  6+ cover on first turn/any night fight turn to all units and 5+ to troops).
  • Lhamean loses her ability to give poison to Archon.
  • Grotesques have the same stats but, no longer blow up, have Flesh Gauntlets + CCW and Rampage. Flesh Gauntlets are: S user, AP-, ID on a 6 and poison 4+
  • Scourges can take 4 heavy weapons in a squad of 5; the cost for 4 with HWB is 120 pts.
  • Other squads may not enter the WWP once used.  It grants a non-scatter DS to the HQ + unit + transport he is with.
  • WWP is 35 points Archon/Succubus/Haemon can have it.
  • Transport capacities are the same.
  • No HQ can take a board or bike.
  • Trueborn are still in & can take the same weapon combos from the last dex
  • Mandrakes have stealth, shrouded + baleblast from the start.  Baleblast is assault 2 St 4 Ap 4 Soulblaze
  • Wyches have no haywire (other than Succubus) & dodge only in the fight subphase.
  • Incubi can't get grenades..
  • Clone Field is a 4+ Invun 40pts (Archon only)
  • Venoms can take double Spl Cannon, but can only have Grisly Trophies and Chain Snares
  • Only the Hekatrix, Succubus and Archon have access to HWG.
  • Harlequins are not in the book (other than fluff).
Some additional RUMOURS (not confirmed):
  • Urien is only 140 points.
  • Each Grot can take a liquifier


  1. nice summary, but what is the buff on the Agoniser ? It has been ap3 and poison 4+ for ages

  2. It wasn't poison before. That means now when you attack with a strength above the toughness of the opponent you get to reroll to wound!

    Before it wounded on a fixed value but wasn't poisoned. It won't be a huge issue, but with the right combat drugs and PfP it could make you very nasty...


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